Conveyor Chain Markets: Forest Products & Wood

The forest products industry primarily uses two styles of welded steel conveyor chains: mill and drag.

While other products like steel bushed roller (SBR) chains, vibrating conveyor (both flat spring and coil spring), cast chains and combination chain are used, the majority of the applications utilize a low-cost, high-strength, high-quality welded product.

Applications include debarker in-feed and out feed, hot ponds, chipper in-feed, log deck, jack ladder, wet bin rack back, stackers, and waste debris handling among others. The simple yet rugged design of welded steel chains fit high speed, short center conveying applications perfectly.

Webster can design a conveyor chain specifically suited for your particular application, or you can choose from our readily available stock chains. To find out more, call your customer service representative at 1-800-243-9327.

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