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Conveyors LS Balanced

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Spring Assemblies
The coil springs used in the CoilWeb® series vibrating conveyors are fabricated of alloy steel. Each spring assembly location includes rocker arms to control the direction of vibration. Rubber bushings are located at both ends of a malleable iron rocker arm for a nonlubricated joint. This super-duty design of coil spring assemblies, along with the heavy-duty pan construction, is built to operate in harsh environments and heavy material loading, providing long service life without maintenance.

Once a conveyor reaches its operating speed, very little drive force is required because the pan spring system’s resonant frequency. This results in very little relative deflection between the connecting rod and the drive-spring system. This design will substantially reduce torque and horsepower requirements.

Coil Spring Drive
CoilWeb® series vibrating conveyors feature a semipositive drive. These drives are equipped with heavy-duty, self-aligning roller bearing pillow blocks, heavy-duty flange mount connecting rod bearings and a coil drive spring pan connection. The incorporation of the drive springs substantially lowers the starting and full load torque requirements resulting in dramatic horsepower reduction over a positive connected drive.

Unbalanced or Balanced Construction
The standard unbalanced CoilWeb® series vibrating conveyors develop a dynamic reaction and must be installed on an appropriate foundation or support structure, which is usually at or below ground level. For installations requiring a minimum transmission of the dynamic reaction to supports, a selection of balanced, isolated or balanced/isolated construction is available.

In the balanced construction, a balancer is driven 180º out of phase to the pan. This balancer is equal in mass to the pan and has a duplicate reactor spring assembly system. Being 180º out of phase results in two equal and opposite dynamic reactions that cancel out 80% to 95% of the dynamic reaction to the supports.

In the isolated construction a relatively short length CoilWeb® vibrating conveyor is equipped with a heavy moving inertia base and is mounted to the support structure on soft isolation springs. This type of construction, less complex than balancing, reduces the reaction forces by 85% to 95%.

A combination balanced/isolated construction can be utilized to provide the maximum dampening of the dynamic reaction.

Standard and High Temperature Heavy-Duty Construction
Webster CoilWeb® series vibrating conveyors are also available in two construction types depending on the temperature of the material being conveyed. The standard type of construction is used when material temperature is no higher than 150º to 200º F. For hotter materials, heat expansion construction is used. The heat expansion type is designed so that the pan is free to expand or contract independently from the reactor spring and drive systems. This heat expansion pan is also designed to reduce heat conduction to the spring and drive systems.

A wide range of optional features are available for use with CoilWeb® series vibrating conveyors. Included are covers, side or bottom discharges, intermediate discharges with gates, pans with multiple compartments or channels, screen sections, nonmagnetic pan sections for use with magnetic separators, nonmetallic pan sections for use with metal detectors, steel pan liners for impact or abrasion resistance, rubber pan liners for wear resistance or noise reduction, special discharges for feeding process equipment and steel support structures.

The CoilWeb® series vibrating conveyors incorporate fabricated steel pans, a natural frequency spring system, a semipositive eccentric drive powered by an electric motor and v-belts on a fabricated steel base.

Standard drive and extension sections are delivered in preassembled sections. Standard welded pan joints or jig fixtured, bolted pan flanges are available for joining the sections together.

CoilWeb® series vibrating conveyors are used where horizontal or shallow inclined conveying is required. They handle a wide variety of bulk materials from powders to solids. They are well suited to handle fragile, sharp and irregularly shaped materials. They are primarily used in the forest products, stamping, food, grain, foundry and die cast industries.

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CoilWeb® Conveyors LS Balanced Product Specifications

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Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.


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CoilWeb LS Balanced Cross Section Dimensions
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Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.

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