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Combination chains are made of cast block links and steel sidebars alternately spaced. The N combination chains have pear-shaped barrels to provide additional metal where the chain engages the sprocket teeth to increase the service life of the chain. Combination chains are well suited for abrasive, gritty or corrosive materials and are a less expensive option to their all steel counterparts (HSB).

The cast links are high grade copper bearing Duramal with holes smoothly cored for a close fit over the pins. Duramal chains have heat treated pins with Duramal block links. Super Duramal chains have heat treated pins and sidebars with Duramal block links. Chains are also available with block links of file hard Duramal.

Riveted construction is recommended for wood yards and sawmills. Cottered construction is recommended for elevators and conveyors. Riveted or cottered construction must be specified. Chain pins will be alternating, except on C55, N77, N131 and C188 chains.

Combination chains are interchangeable with other standard makes of corresponding sizes and numbers.

Combination chain is well suited for the handling of stone, cement, gravel and other abrasive materials. It is used extensively in elevating and conveying service where a strong durable, yet inexpensive, chain is required.

Maximum chain speed depends upon size of sprockets. For Conveyor Service see Table 2, Section A.

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Combination Chains Product Specifications

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Product Information

Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.


Product Chart:

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Chain No.Average Pitch InchesApprox. Links in 10 feetAverage Weight Per Ft. Lbs.Average Ultimate Strength in Lbs.Rated Working Load in Lbs.Dimensions in InchesCommon Attachment Numbers
Barrel LengthSidebar WidthMax. Spkt. WidthPin Dia.Nominal Barell Dia.To Cotter EndTo Head or Rivet EndSidebar Thk.
DuramalDuramalXFADHKJTBlock LinkSidebar
C551.631742.011,2501,3701 7/323/411/163/823/321 1/1613/16
N772.308522.213,7501,6401 1/47/811/167/1623/321 5/3213/16F2K1
N102B4.000306.730,0005,0002 7/81 1/21 15/165/812 3/162 1/163/8K2K2, S1
N102 1/24.040309.445,0006,6002 15/161 3/423/41 3/82 3/82 1/83/8A42, F2, G6, K2, K3, K22A42, F2, K2, K3, K22, S1
N1106.000206.030,0005,0002 7/81 1/21 15/165/81 1/42 3/162 1/163/8A53, F22-10, K2A42, F1, F2, F4, F24, K2
N1114.760259.745,0007,5003 3/81 3/42 3/83/41 7/162 19/322 11/323/8F2, K2, K22F2, K1, K2, K22, S1
N111SPC4.760 7.240208.545,0007,5003 3/81 3/42 3/83/41 7/162 19/322 11/323/8F2, K2K2
N1313.075396.530,0003,75021 1/21 1/85/81 1/41 13/161 5/83/8F2, G6, K1, K2A42, G19, K1, K2, S1
N1326.0502014.462,50010,4004 3/823 1/811 3/43 7/323 1/321/2K2, RF14F2, K2, S1
C1882.609463.617,5002,3401 9/161 1/815/161/27/81 11/321 7/321/4F2, G6, G19, G19SPC, K1, K2, K22A22, A42, G27, K1, K2, K1/K2, K22, S1

Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.

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Chain No.ABEFTWeight Per Foot-Lbs. Bolt Size
C1881 7/161 5/161 1/42 1/163/8Ñ3.83/8

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