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Steel Drag Chains

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Welded steel drag chains are designed for drag conveyors where r ugged and demanding environments exist. Webster’s unique two-piece welded barrel offers better scraping action as well as double thickness at the wear points. The rugged welded construction permits high speeds, minimal lubrication and easy modification for application specific attachments.

Sidebars are medium carbon steel. Barrels are low carbon steel. Pins are medium carbon steel and are thru hardened for maximum chain life. The WDH chains also have thru hardened sidebars for greater strength and wear resistance. All parts can be furnished with additional heat treatment on request or as the operating environment requires.

Welded steel drag chains are riveted construction. Cottered connecting pins are available on request as well as complete cottered construction.

Welded steel drag chains are interchangeable with other standard makes of corresponding sizes and numbers.

Welded steel drag chains are used in wood yards, paper mills and OSB plants to convey sawdust, bark and other scraps. They are also used to convey ash or machine chips in powerhouses or machining operations. They provide long life with very low maintenance.

Maximum chain speed depends upon size of sprockets. For Conveyor Service see Table 2, Section A.

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Welded Steel Drag Chains Product Specifications

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Product Information

Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.


Product Chart:

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Chain No.Average Pitch in InchesApprox. Links in 10 FeetAverage Weight Per Ft. Lbs.Average Ultimate Strength in Lbs.Rated Working Load in Lbs.General DimensionsPinsSidebarsBarrelsMax Spkt. WidthCommon Attachment Numbers
Length of BearingTo Cotter EndTo Head or Rivet EndDia.StyleMaterialThk.HeightMaterialOutside Dia.Material
WD1025.0002411.851,0008,5007 3/44 11/164 9/163/4BM.C.H.T.3/81 1/2M.C.1 1/2L.C.6 1/4C1, C4, RR, WING
WDH1025.0002411.860,00010,0007 3/44 11/164 9/163/4BM.C.H.T.3/81 1/2M.C.H.T.1 1/2L.C.6 1/4C1, C4, RR, WING
WD1046.000208.751,0008,5005 3/83 15/323 11/323/4BM.C.H.T.3/81 1/2M.C.1 1/2L.C.4C1, C4, RR, WING
WDH1046.000208.760,00010,0005 3/83 15/323 11/323/4BM.C.H.T.3/81 1/2M.C.H.T.1 1/2L.C.4C1, C4, RR, WING
WD1106.0002012.051,0008,50010 3/86 5/325 27/323/4BM.C.H.T.3/81 1/2M.C.1 1/2L.C.9C1, C3, C4, RR, WING
WDH1106.0002012.060,00010,00010 3/86 5/325 27/323/4BM.C.H.T.3/81 1/2M.C.H.T.1 1/2L.C.9C1, C3, C4, RR, WING
WD1136.0002015.055,0009,20010 5/86 5/166 1/87/8BM.C.H.T.1/21 1/2M.C.1 1/2L.C.9C3, C4, RR, WING
WDH1136.0002015.070,00011,70010 5/86 5/166 1/87/8BM.C.H.T.1/21 1/2M.C.H.T.1 1/2L.C.9C3, C4, RR, WING
WD1206.0002019.470,00011,70010 1/86 1/165 7/87/8BM.C.H.T.1/22M.C.2L.C.8 1/2C3, WING
WDH1206.0002019.490,00015,00010 1/86 1/165 7/87/8BM.C.H.T.1/22M.C.H.T.2L.C.8 1/2C3, WING
WDH5206.0002021.0103,00017,20010 1/86 1/165 7/81BM.C.H.T.1/22M.C.H.T.2L.C.8 1/2
WD1128.000159.851,0008,50010 3/85 31/325 27/323/4BM.C.H.T.3/81 1/2M.C.1 1/2L.C.9C1, C4, RR, WING
WDH1128.000159.860,00010,00010 3/85 31/325 27/323/4BM.C.H.T.3/81 1/2M.C.H.T.1 1/2L.C.9C1, C4, RR, WING
WD1168.0001514.555,0009,20014 1/87 27/327 23/323/4BM.C.H.T.3/81 3/4M.C.1 3/4L.C.12 3/4C1, C3, C4, RR, WING
WDH1168.0001514.569,00011,50014 1/87 27/327 23/323/4BM.C.H.T.3/81 3/4M.C.H.T.1 3/4L.C.12 3/4C1, C3, C4, RR, WING
WD1188.0001519.870,00011,70014 7/88 7/168 1/47/8BM.C.H.T.1/22M.C.2L.C.13 1/4C3, RR, WING
WDH1188.0001519.890,00015,00014 7/88 7/168 1/47/8BM.C.H.T.1/22M.C.H.T.2L.C.13 1/4C3, RR, WING
WD1228.0001516.070,00011,70010 1/86 1/165 7/87/8BM.C.H.T.1/22M.C.2L.C.8 1/2WING
WDH1228.0001516.090,00015,00010 1/86 1/165 7/87/8BM.C.H.T.1/22M.C.H.T.2L.C.8 1/2WING
WDH5228.0001517.5103,00017,20010 1/86 1/165 7/81BM.C.H.T.1/22M.C.H.T.2L.C.8 1/2
WD4808.0001518.170,00011,70012 3/47 3/87 3/167/8BM.C.H.T.1/22M.C.2L.C.11C1, C3, C4, RR, WING
WDH4808.0001518.190,00015,00012 3/47 3/87 3/167/8BM.C.H.T.1/22M.C.H.T.2L.C.11C1, C3, C4, RR, WING
WDH5808.0001519.4123,00020,50012 3/47 1/27 3/161BM.C.H.T.1/22M.C.H.T.2L.C.11C1, RR
WDH6808.0001521.4134,00022,300137 5/87 7/161BM.C.H.T.5/82M.C.H.T.2L.C.11RR, WING

Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.

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Chain No.BFGTWeight Per Attach.-Lbs.
WD1023/86 1/22 1/43/81.2
WDH1023/86 1/22 1/43/81.2
WD1043/84 1/82 1/43/80.8
WDH1043/84 1/82 1/43/80.8
WD1103/89 1/82 1/43/81.6
WDH1103/89 1/82 1/43/81.6
WD1123/89 1/82 1/43/81.6
WDH1123/89 1/82 1/43/81.6
WD1163/812 7/82 3/83/82.2
WDH1163/812 7/82 3/83/82.2
WD4801/211 3/42 3/41/23.1
WDH4801/211 3/42 3/41/23.1
WDH5801/211 3/42 1/21/22.6

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