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TIFFIN, Ohio – Webster Industries, Inc., an industry leader in conveyor chain, presents the implementation of their new enterprise resource planning system (ERP), at the beginning of June 2017.

In 2015, Webster’s Information Technology department proposed the plan to enhance the ERP software. This proposal was supported by executive management due to the increase in speed, visibility and accuracy of data that this system provides. These improvements will provide Webster with a competitive advantage that supports and facilitates Webster’s initiative to drive company growth.

When asked what this system will do to improve Webster as a company President and CEO Andy Felter said, “Increasing our ability to provide exceptional service to customers and add value is the paramount goal of this system. Our purpose, guiding principles and key strategic focus will not change. What will change is the people of Webster’s ability to empower success and make a larger impact through enhanced service to customers, supply partners and co-workers.”

The streamlined and automated business processes will create a sense of ease for the employees operating these systems. “This is a very exciting time for all of us at Webster,” said

Deb Anderson, Director of Information Technology. “Completing a project of this scope is very rewarding for everyone involved.” The implementation process has been quite rigorous and required the full support of the Webster team. Many long, rigorous hours from the implementation team and the commitment of the Webster end-users was essential for this system’s success. Anderson said, “The effort and time required to implement the new system has been extraordinary and the implementation team did a fantastic job. The end-users have spent hours training, testing and learning the new system and are already seeing some of the benefits.” These benefits include the ease of use, streamlined processes and ease of data accessibility.

Enhancing the technology within an organization is extremely vital in maintaining a lean business model, which in turn will improve both quality and productivity. The features and benefits of a new ERP system will enhance the value of the company and allow Webster to continually improve through innovation.

About Webster Industries, Inc.

Webster Industries, Inc., headquartered in Tiffin, Ohio, is an innovative leader in the engineered class chain, vibrating conveyors and malleable cast iron markets. Since its start in 1876, Webster has evolved into a vertically integrated chain manufacturer that serves a variety of industries. The company now employs around 300 people nationwide and has facilities in Ohio, Mississippi and Oregon. Throughout its 140 years in business, Webster’s focus has consistently been on American materials, American labor and American pride. A strong concentration on customer service, based on seamless vertical integration ensures that Webster’s clients receive the highest quality products and service in the industry.

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